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Compliance Statement

Founded in 2009, STAVIAN CHEMICAL is an international chemical company headquartered in Vietnam. STAVIAN CHEMICAL works across markets and geographies in nearly 30 international offices in 4 continentals comprising Asia, Europe, America, and Africa. Stavian Chemical offers customers a closed cycle from manufacture, trading, distribution, and transportation of plastic products and semi-finished products from plastics.

STAVIAN CHEMICAL commits to prosperous and sustainable development, creating thousands of jobs and ensuring high incomes for workers, contributing positively to the economic development of the country, participating in environmental protection, and being highly responsible for the community, benefiting shareholders and investors.

Aiming to become a leading chemical corporation in the region and in the world, we always respect and adhere to international regulations and standards as well as establish appropriate internal rules for our staff, to meet the corporation's development during the international integration process. STAVIAN CHEMICAL is committed to:

  1. Complying with the Standard of Business Conduct, International Business Practices and Business Ethics;
  2. Strictly complying with the provisions of Vietnamese law, international conventions, treaties, and laws of the host country where Stavian Chemical does business;
  3. Not sponsor terrorism or not do business with states and territories that are subject to international sanctions/sanctions or not have other violations of the law;

Complying with human rights, not using child labor in its business activities. Committed to complying with human rights, not using child labor in its business activities.

Trade control

STAVIAN CHEMICAL is an international chemical company with activities and partners all over the world.

We work across markets and geographies with a presence in over 4 continents comprising Asia, Europe, America, and Africa.

Aiming to become be one of the leading chemical companies in the region and the world, along with complying with the laws of the countries in which we do business, we always respect and adhere to international regulations and standards as well as establish appropriate internal rules for our staff, to meet the corporation's development during the international integration process.

We are committed to compliance with the international commercial regulations issued by the U.S export administration (“UEA"), economic sanctions, and trade embargo ("Embargo and sanctions”) imposed by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), European Union (EU), the U.S Department of the Treasury and we promise not to retain partnership relations, transactions, assistance, or involve any activities in connection with the embargoed individuals, organisation, territories, or countries.

All employees are trained to comply with international commitments and laws as well.

In case of recognising a violation of the regulations in the UEA and Embargo and sanctions, we reserve the right to take all necessary measures, such as reporting, refusing transactions, stopping the supply of our products and services, and breaking up our partnership.

Human rights, labor, and social standards

We value people and respect human rights.

As a group aiming for sustainable growth, we strive to positively contribute to the protection and promotion of human rights and people's well-being. It also means we make sure that STAVIAN CHEMICAL doesn't take part in children's exploitation and aims to take positive actions to end it to the best of our ability.

These are mandatory conditions when forming partnerships or other business relationships. We'll refuse to do business with anyone who employs children of any age in hazardous or exhausting jobs or doesn't follow applicable laws on working hours or pay. We also expect them to communicate and enforce the no child labor policy to their contractors.

We commit to internationally agreed-upon standards, such as the United Nations’ Universal Declaration on Human Rights, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, and the Tripartite Declaration of Principles Concerning Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy (MNE Declaration) of the International Labor Organization (ILO).


The spirit of integrity is one of the spirits that shape our own culture in business. We are committed to fighting any kind of corruption or bribery. Naturally, we expect the same from those we do business with.  

Our policy on working with governments requires that all business transactions with governments be based on lawful, ethical, and fair practices. An important component of this policy is ensuring that business gifts are offered and received in a manner that does not create an improper business advantage or even the appearance of one.

The act of giving, receiving, or assisting in the exchange of a bribe violates our values and code of ethics. Therefore, strict adherence to these anti-bribery procedures is required of all of our Employees.

As a worldwide operating company, STAVIAN CHEMICAL has adopted these procedures to meet internationally accepted standards for business gifts, and to ensure that business gifts are offered and accepted under appropriate circumstances and ethically and lawfully. Failure to comply with any provision of these procedures may result in disciplinary action, potentially up to and including termination of employment.

We also are committed to complying with all applicable laws wherever we do business. Our employees must immediately report any concern regarding compliance with these Procedures to their Manager, HR, Legal Affairs, or a Compliance Helpline Leader. As with all compliance matters, STAVIAN CHEMICAL strictly prohibits retaliation of any kind against any person who raises a compliance concern or participates in any compliance-related investigation.

Anti-money laundering

We are committed to doing business ethically and complying with the applicable legislation, and guidelines in the jurisdictions where we operate to prevent financial crime, combat money laundering activities and prevent the funding of terrorist or criminal activities.

We conduct appropriate due diligence at the beginning of our business relationships and have processes in place to monitor transactions on an ongoing basis. If we have concerns, we may take steps to terminate the business relationship concerned and will report such concerns to the appropriate authorities if necessary.

STAVIAN CHEMICAL's internal policies, procedures, and employee training programs are designed to ensure STAVIAN CHEMICAL’s compliance with all relevant laws.

Conflicts of interest

We are well aware that our relationships and interests should never affect our business activities or influence our decision-making, in any way. We need to be careful to avoid situations where a conflict between private and professional may arise – or, just as important, where it may appear to do so.

We have issued policies and procedures which are designed to prevent conflicts of interest for employee activities in several areas including outside business activities, personal trading, insider trading, managing material non-public information and information barriers amongst others.

Where new conflicts are identified, they are to be reported to the Legal and Compliance Department and relevant departmental supervisor. Conflicts are to be avoided and, if not, appropriate action taken to prevent the risk of detriment to the interests of our clients.